Nice Girls Finish First 6

Every other Sunday, Bel Air Presbyterian hosts a get together for folks in the entertainment industry. More specifically, people who desire to make a difference in the business of show business. Cassie Boyd & myself are regular attendees, and believe it or not we come for more than just the good food!

One particular week, we broke into small groups for discussion and found ourselves sharing a table with Cindy Osbrink. Cindy is one of the nicest ladies in Tinsel Town. As we were sharing with one another within our small group, Cindy shared a tidbit regarding her experience as an agent that Cassie & I found both encouraging & inspiring. She said that when she first started her agency, people discouraged her from being “too nice”. Warning her that her niceness would prove to be a hindrance in the success of her talent agency. That being said, Cindy never compromised her belief that it’s important to treat everyone the way we want to be treated & uphold the “Golden Rule” regardless of what others may do, say, or how they may respond.

Almost twenty years later, Osbrink Talent Agency is one of Hollywood’s most prestigious and respected talent agencies. The Youth side of Osbrink continues to be a powerhouse in the industry, representing many of the most visible talent in film, television, and voice overs.

Last week someone asked me, “what makes a Voxy Lady”? I rattled off the obvious traits; talent, personal & professional integrity and of course the ability to speak Ewok. Just kidding about that last one. Maybe. In my experience, treating everybody with unbiased kindness & respect has been an essential ingredient for success. As for the Voxy Ladies, following the “Golden Rule” continues to pave the way for us to move forward in our careers.

All that being said, gratitude is equally important as kindness, so thank you Cindy for allowing us to share your story! And thank you for your commitment to your beliefs & for proving that nice girls finish first!

If you would like to learn more about Bel Air Presbyterians entertainment ministry, follow this link.